Export, communication, assistance.
Our full export service to deliver
around the world Made-in-Italy's unbeatable cuisine


Our wish is to celebrate Made-in-Italy around the world. We export a wide range of main Italian brands, offering both largely consumed and niche products at competitive prices.

Besides dry items we also offer wines and spirits, fresh and frozen, organic and healthy options in order to bring the authentic flavours of Italian cuisine to everyone's table.
Thanks to our company's large volume of traffic, we also offer groupage expeditions: many brands, one delivery. This allows us to guarantee even small volumes at equally competitive prices.


We carry out our service by facilitating interactions between Italian producers and foreign distributors, simplifying administrative practices between the parties.

We take care of burocracy and customs formalities and we organize promotional events abroad with the the support of the producers


Thanks to years of experience in the food and distribution business, we are able to satisfy the needs of several suppliers and clients, offering consulting services to foreign distributors and tailoring our offers to each and everyone's needs, according to the Country of destination and the type of delivery required.